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Power necessary to heat home depends on heat loss (that depends on outside temperature and desired temperature in the room). The most important factors that affect calculation are: type and thickness of outside and inside insulation, heating characteristics of outside windows and doors, geographic orientation (North-South, East-West), weather there are other houses around your home, how large is the room(s) that needs to be heated, how is heat transferred to rooms and how many heating bodies are there, etc. These and other elements will affect choice of heating model and possibility for Heating repairs Greenford.
If you are changing old gas boiler for new one, you should always consult professional when it comes to appropriate choice (in order to have warm home and to avoid Heating repairs Greenford).

If you are getting new gas boiler, general evaluation of necessary power comes to equation: 10 kW power is sufficient for approximately 70-80 square meters of heated space, while 24 kW is optimum when heating hot water for one bathroom equipped with classic bathtub and sink, plus kitchen. So, in this example, go for 24 kW boiler.

What are the demands when it comes to hot water?

Amount of hot water is one of most important info when it comes to the choice of boiler. This depends on number of household members; number of faucets that need hot water; how wide-spread are water installations in comparison to boiler and position where boiler can be installed. Combined devices provide limited amount of hot water and are not primarily intended for numerous faucets.

Circulating devices with accumulation containers of hot water of different capacities are intended for larger usage of hot water, for larger households and more faucets.
Combined devices with integrated containers of hot water are hybrid combination of previous two options and are very popular for relatively small dimensions and good characteristics when it comes to providing hot water.

Modern wall gas boilers are equipped with digital regulation that automatically controls heating process and production of hot water. User gets all necessary info over digital screen. There is integrated system for diagnostics, usage is very simple and is just about pushing several buttons and switches.

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